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Family Cash and Food Assistance - 

Red Lake Nation TANF is a human services program that provies assistance to Red Lake Nation enrolled members as well as other federally-recognized tribal members with children within Beltrami County. TANF is a temporary program to provide cash and food assistance for families to cover their basic needs. The program helps the family gain education, training and job experience in order to gain self-sufficiency.

Services Provided

  • Monthly cash and food assistance

    • Issued to EBT card

    • Ability to vendor pay directly to monthly costs such as rent or utilites

  • Case Management

    • Red Lake Nation TANF Program is one of only a few public assistance agencies that uses a dual case management model. Each family has one case manager to assist with their financial benefits and employment services. Family Service Case Managers assist our relatives to find resources they need to covercome barriers such as housing, transportation, childcare, education, health and work place skills. This model helps create a relationship with the family and promote continuity of services.

  • Supportive Services

    • Additional support services may be available to help the family complete their goals.

-   Child care

-   Work clothing

-   Tools

-   Training/Education costs

-   Transportation services/costs

-   Car Repair

-   Car Insurance

-   Career Development Services

    • Incentives may be available upon completion of courses

  • Contract Employment

    • After completing all program requirements our relatives may be placed into contract employment. Relatives receive on the job training and support while working closely with their case manager. Wages may be paid by the Red Lake Nation TANF program for up to six (6) months. Contract positions help support our relatives while they gain confidence, skills and job experience with the end result of full time employment.

    • Possible contract positions include:

-   Receptionist

-   Case Aid

-   Maintenance Worker

-   Cook

-   Child Care Assistant

-   Security

-   Driver

Eligibility Requirements

  • Enrollment of the applicant in Red Lake Nation or another federally-recognized tribe, excluding Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe and/or First Nations of Canada;

  • Family consists of at least one (1) dependent or pregnant woman;

  • All school aged children must be enrolled in school;

  • Resides within Beltrami County; and

  • Meets all income and asset guidelines

To Apply

  • Click the apply button below to register for an account, fill out a pre-screen questionnaire and begin the intake process.

    • The pre-screen questionnaire will also identify which other programs you may be eligible for through Oshkiimaajitahdah. 


  • Combined Application Forms are available at Oshkiimaajitahdah Redby and Bemijigaamag offices, community partners or online.

  • Applications may also be requested by contacting either office by phone or applying online at mnbenefits.mn.gov

Required Verifications

Applicants may submit the following verifications, depending on their specific situation, with a completed application for consideration of services and assistance:

All Adult Applicants:

  • Identity Verification (State ID, Drivers License, Tribal ID)

  • Shelter Verifcation (Lease, Rental Agreement, Landlord Statement)

 All Household Members:

  • Valid Social Security Number

  • Citizenship and Relationship Verification (Tribal ID, Birth Certificate(s), Hospital Records)

  • Custory Verification (Court Order, Delegation of Parentage) - Relative Caregivers Only

  • Verification of Tribal Enrollment (Tribal ID, Certificate of Indian Blood)

  • Proof of Income (Employment, Child Support, Social Security)

  • Proof of Assets (Vehicle, Bank Accounts)

  • School Enrollment - Children ages 5-18 or Post-Secondary enrollment for adult applicants

Additional Requirements:

  • Adult applicants and Caretakers must be willing to comply with Child Support Enforcement requirements, unless Good Cause exists.

  • Adult applicants will need to complete a Career Development Plan and meet minimum activity hours.

  • School aged children must meet attendance standards defined by school.

What happens next?

Please refer to the TANF Timeline below


Please note: There will be ongoing case management with Family Service Case Manager as individuals complete requirements outlined in Career Development Plan. Will meet in person or by phone weekly to help encourage and problem solve.

If you have questions regarding our appeal or complaint policy please contact any of the Red Lake TANF offices to request a copy of the policy.

Contact Information

  • Give us a call at:

    • Main office: (218) 679-3350

    • Bemijigamaag office: (218) 444-2883

    • Toll free: (888) 404-0686

  • Email us at rltanf@redlakenation.org 

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