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Call 218-556-0095 for help with emergency gas and lodging.

When our relatives face emergencies such as family members in ICU, major surgery or emergency transport, supportive services may be provided in the form of a hotel room, gas or other types of assistance that are deemed appropriate. 

Supportive services will be offered dependent on the availability of funds.

Eligibility Guidelines

  • Patient must be a tribal member of the Red Lake Band or an immediate family member of the patient to be eligible to receive Supportive Services.

    • “Immediate family” is defined as the spouse, significant other, child, brother, sister, parent, grandparent or guardian.

  • Hospital emergency criteria shall be as follows:

    • Patient must be in ICU; or 

    • Patient has an emergency surgery or non-emergency procedure on a major organ(s); or

    • Cancer patient; or

    • Patient had an emergency transport or airlift.


  • An Intake form will be processed and will include documentation to verify the need for support services.

  • Intake will be taken daily until 10:00 p.m.  

  • If assistance is needed after normal business hours, an intake will be filled out the next day. 

  • The completed Intake Form shall be forwarded to the Tribal Accounting Department for processing of payment(s).

Support Services

  • Hotel rooms for hospital emergencies

    • Up to three (3) hotel rooms per immediate family may be approved for a hospital emergency, and can be paid for up to seven (7) nights;

  • Hotel rooms for funerals

    • Up to (3) hotel rooms per immediate family may be approved and can be paid for up to two (2) nights;

    • There will be no out of state funeral lodging requests, but burial assistance will be available to all members;

Payment for hotel rooms will be made directly to the hotel; by check, credit card or direct billing.

General conduct of hotel guests:

  • An obligation lies with each participant receiving supportive services to adhere to policies and rules of host hotel.  Any violation reported to the Tribe is just cause for immediate forfeiter of support service assistance.

Other Supportive Services

  • Request for travel assistance: 

    • Transportation assistance may be provided if verification is received from Comprehensive Health Services for ineligibility of transport.

    • Payment of up to $50 in gas for up to three (3) vehicles for immediate family member(s) may be approved for a hospital emergency or to attend funeral.

    • Must have Valid Drivers’ License, Motor Vehicle Registration and Insurance.

  • Other assistance:

    • Special circumstances will be reviewed and determined on a case by case basis.


  • Any person found violating this policy by fraud or deception will be ineligible for support services for an indefinite period of time.

  • Harassment of staff will not be tolerated and will be just cause for revoking support service privileges.

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