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Our goal is to discourage fraud through investigation, public education, and hold everyone accountable for fraudulent activities.

What is fraud?

Fraud is intentionally making false statements, misrepresenting facts, or situations to get benefits a person is not eligible to receive.

A person commits fraud if they deliberately:

  • Alter or forge paperwork;

  • Conceal, misrepresent or without eligibility information;

  • Fail to report changes as required;

  • Speak or write false misleading statements

Fraud Investigations

The Oshkiimaajitahdah Fraud Department investigates fraudulent activity. Reports of possible fraud often come from calls from the public or agency.

If anyone makes false statements such as permanent address, family size or not disclosing other benefits being received is a form of fraudulent behavior and will be addressed as such.

Penalties & Consequences

Depending on how many violations, those who commit fraud may face penalties of temporary or permanent disqualification of services.

Why should I get involved?

Every citizen, especially those who are involved in or benefit from the service programs, has a duty to help prevent fraud and abuse. Fraud reduces the resources available for programs and can lead to the closure of a program. Fraud also generates bad publicity that can quickly destroy the public's perception of even the most commendable community programs.

Everyone is expected to report information that is believed to indicate fraud, abuse and waste. Your assistance is essential to the success and fairness of investigations conducted by the Oshkiimaajitahdah Fraud Department.

Fraud victimizes everyone in our communities. We need everyone to be a part of our team so we can provide quality programs to further the Red Lake Nation.

If I report fraud, will I be protected?

Report fraud in writing, in person or via telephone. Allegations may be kept anonymous.

  • Fraud callers need not to give their names.

  • If you can identify yourself in bringing a complaint or concern, your confidentiality will be protected if request.

  • In most cases, investigators are not obligated to notify management of ongoing probes.

  • Federal Law prohibits retaliation against persons who cooperate with investigations. Allegations of retaliation should be reported.

Anyone reporting fraud will be kept anonymous and any allegations of retaliation should be reported.

What should I do if I suspect fraud?

Call our Fraud Department at (218) 679-3350 or (218) 766-0059

  • Our investigators will ask you to provide complete, accurate and truthful information. You may be asked to supply investigators with documents and other materials pertaining to possible fraud. All callers will remain anonymous.


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