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Food Sovereignty through Agriculture Training

The Agriculture Training Department is committed to employing, developing, and sustaining a high-quality workforce in agriculture with an end goal of food sovereignty.

Our Goals

  1. Engage Youth/Next Generation by providing opportunities for aspiring leaders to become involved in all aspects of agriculture/horticulture;

  2. Attract and Recruit more Tribal members into agriculture/horticulture career fields;

  3. Build Tribal Capacity through informal and formal learning investments, employment opportunities, and immersion into food-related programs and projects to sustain our programs and enhance economic opportunities for future generations;

  4. Cultural Awareness to increase the level of understandings and practices of our tribal communities' traditional agriculture knowledge, values, and vision for the future and how it merges with modern practices; and

  5. Retain talented young professionals within the Tribe or Tribal enterprises by cultivating their future potential with developmental student placement into entry-level permanent positions.


Providing educational training and technical assistance outreach to Tribal member farmers on various agriculture/horticulture issues.


A viable, self-directed, and sustainable agriculture economy that enhances the education, health, traditions, and culture of our people in becoming food sovereign.

Subject matter area

  • Agriculture Education, Training and Technical Assistance

  • Horticulture (produce, fruits and vegetables)

  • Seed preservation, protection and propagation

  • Economic development/Food sovereignty through agriculture

  • Traditional foods preservation, protection and promotion

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