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What is Emergency Adult Rehabilitation Services (E.A.R.S)? 

Emergency Adult Rehabilitation Services, E.A.R.S, is a collaborative effort between multiple tribal programs. 

E.A.R.S will provide wraparound services through intake and referrals to residents of the Red Lake Nation who are 18 years of age or older, and are currently being underserved and unaware of the services and resources available to them.

E.A.R.S program is voluntary. We will work closely with relatives (clients) who are experiencing homelessness, chemical dependency and/or difficulties with mental health.

E.A.R.S Program Goals:

  • Provide services that integrate mental health services, chemical health, human services and housing support stability.

  • Establish and maintain collaborative relationships with partners to deliver designed wraparound service.

  • Promote life-skill education with cultural aspects.

  • Reduce level of homelessness within Red Lake Nation boundaries

  • Increase access to services.

Collaborating programs:

  • Red Lake Homeless Shelter

  • Ombimindwaa Gidinawemaganinaadog

  • Red Lake Chemical Health

  • Oshkiimaajitahdah

Possible Collaborations in progress:

  • Equay Wigaamig

  • Red Lake Nation Victim Services Program

  • Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion (L.E.A.D)

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